Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hospital results and HP40 finale 3.15 info

Hospital Results

Fluff Category
Team                                                              Time/Problems completed
1.  Andrew Kelly/Garrett Bresnahan               5:16/ all
2. Lauren Rose/ Matthew Rodriguez               6:54/20
3. Sarah McCray/ Brendan McCray                6:44/9
4. Anna Breed/Jacob Breed                             6:54/9
5. Matthew McCray/ Angel Buck                   6:44/7

Chuff Category
Team                                                              Time/Problems completed
1. Jay Perry/ Micah Gentry                              4:12/all
2. Nick Cookson/ Mitch Brown                      4:24/all
3. Corey Brewster/ Jason Ruebel                    5:43/all
4. Alan Cummings/Keng Mana                      5:52/all
5. Natalie Hawley/ Amanda Maze                  7/all
6. Elden Earhart/ Ron Nance                          6:53/23
7. Jamie Tagg/ Jessica Davis                           7/24
8. Colby Butterfield/Harrison Aslami              7/18
9. Kyle Brown/Mark Leputa                           7/17
10. Jake Brewster/Carl Susnin                        7/15
11. Stephen Merritt/ Robyn Tesauro               7/15
12. TJ Manley/ Joe Barnett                             6:22/6

Puff Category
Team                                                              Time/Problems completed
1. Will McFarland/ Ardian Prishtna                2:46/ all
2. Nick Robinson/ Thomas Trawick              3:09/all
3. Andrew Hamiter/ Billy Brown                   3:31/ all
4. Scotty Feltman/ Will Hightower                 5:51/all
5. Alex Honkonen/ Andrew Taylor                6:45/all
6. Andre Gaitlin/ Kenny Xiques                     6:03/14

Tough Category   
Team                                                              Time/Problems completed
1. Mike Rosato/ Daniel Steele                        5:20/all
2. Ryan Copeland/ Jameson Blount               5:48/all
3. Colin Doherty/ Greg Wingate                    6:45/all
4. Patti Wohner/Mike Wohner                        7/19
5. Jill Sompel/ Josh Spegal                             7/16         

Don't forget pre-registration til 3.5 for a shirt.

Also camping is NOT INCLUDED at the event and music festival.  The park will ask for the camping fee upon your entrance (since the music will run til after dark) and will refund if you leave the park by 8PM.  Be sure to have cash to pay the camping fee, and know you will get it back if you leave early.

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